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Custom Printed Heat Shrink Sleeves

For custom printed heatshrink labels, preform heat shrink bands and shrink sleeves for consumer product packaging, and for tamper evident shrink bands, call Safety Seal Plastics today!

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Preform Shrink BandsPreformed shrink bands are a useful way to apply tamper evident bands to containers that do not have shoulders. Contact at (905) 575-9699 today! They will give you the visual impact preformed shrink bands deserves.
Printed Shrink BandsShrink bands can be printed with a standard message (for example, "Sealed for your protection"), or with your company's custom message. Ask us for details!
Printed Shrink SleeveSafety Seal's investment in technology and in perfecting high definition multi-color printed shink sleeves has enabled us to expand our customer base to include such successful companies as Ocean Spray, Bausch + Lomb, CIBA Vision and Wrigley.
Shrink BandShrink bands are available in an almost limitless range of sizes (standard and custom), with or without a printed message, in a wide range of stock and custom colors.
Shrink LabelsThe process of creating high quality shrink labels doesn't end with the printing. Our high-speed seamers with in-line monitoring, inspecting machines for quality control, and high-speed cutting machines quickly and efficiently finish the labels for any application.
Shrink Sleeve For PackagingWe custom slit rolls of raw film in-house to accommodate almost any packaging, reduce turnaround time, improve accuracy of the finished packaging and control costs of a shrink sleeve. Contact at (905) 575-9699 today!
Shrink SleevesOur customers have discovered the many advantages and marketing values of shrinksleeve labeling. Using a reverse printing technique helps to ensure no scuffing or scratching on the graphics, for the best visual impact on the store shelf. Contact at (905) 575-9699 today!
Tamper Evident BandIn addition to creating an impactful visual presence for your product, full body shrink sleeves can also be used as an effective tamper evidence feature. For more information regarding this subject, contact at (905) 575-9699 today!
Custom Printed PackagingCustom printing on PVC, PET-g, OPS and TDO heatshrink sleeving materials in up to 8 colors lets us reproduce almost any image in brilliant, glossy color.
Heat Shrink SleevesIn addition to the expertise that comes from working clsoely with industry leaders to develop winning packaging, we also have the equipment needed to produce the highest quality shrink sleeves.
Heatshrink SleevingBefore you order sleeving for your product, there are a number of questions we'll need to answer together. For example, will you be using manual or automatic equipment for shrinking the sleeves? Click here for more questions, and then contact Safety Seal for the solution.
Preform BandsWe have over 200 standard and custom sizes of preform bands available in custom or stock colors.
Safety SealSafety Seal is successfully manufacturing shrink sleeve labels on environmentally friendly PLA film with the same print quality and shrink characteristics of most petroleum-based films. Contact at (905) 575-9699 today!
Tamper Evident Shrink BandFrom its early days of producing clear tamper evident shrink bands, Safety Seal has evolved and developed new technologies to the extent that our shrink sleeves not only protect our customers' end product but also enhance and promote what's under the label.
Printed Shrink SleevesIdeally, we'd like to have a sample of your product in hand to help us determine the most suitable and economical sleeve for your application. But even if it's not possible for you to send us your product, we'll be happy to provide you with a quote for your shrink sleeve requirements.
Tamper Evident SealsSafety Seal has been manufacturing PVC tamper evident seals since 1989, but its product line has expanded with the addition of specialized equipment to include multi-color heat shrink sleeves for any imaginable application.

Safety Seal has the experience and expertise to produce maximum impact shrink labels for your product. Request a quote today.

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