Make an impact... with bold, vibrant
Custom Printed Heat Shrink Sleeves

To get the maximum impact from your packaging budget, you need your product to have the maximum visual impact. Eye-stopping, attention-grabbing printed packaging is achieved with Safety Seal's full-body heat shrink sleeves: 360° of full-color graphics for product that gets noticed.

From raw film to finished product, Safety Seal captures each step of the shrink label production process in-house to deliver heatshrink sleeves that are unmatched for quality. We have custom designed printing presses that achieve industry-leading print quality on supported and unsupported film substrates and 8-color printing for gravure-quality sleeves. Our cutting department runs high-speed cutting machines that quickly and efficiently finish shrink sleeves for almost any application, while our inspection machines feature built-in quality control to allow for continual inspection of the packaging throughout the run.

Safety Seal began in 1989 as a supplier of tamper evident seals to the food and pharmaceutical industries. In the years since, its product line has grown from simple one-color heat shrink bands to multi-color eye-popping full-body sleeving that offers many advantages and marketing values to its customers. Safety Seal is focused on customers for whom outstanding service, top-quality printing, and competitive pricing are foremost considerations.

Safety Seal has the experience and expertise to produce maximum impact shrink labels for your product. Request a quote today.

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